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Your car’s oil is one of the most important fluids in its engine, and it needs to be changed regularly in order to keep your car running smoothly. If you fail to do so, the old oil can start to break down and cause all sorts of problems for your engine. Eventually, if you don’t change your oil, your engine will seize up and need to be replaced – which is a very costly repair.

Types of Oils Used in Vehicles

Not all motor oils are created equal, and there are different types of oil that are better for different types of engines. The type of oil that you use in your car should be specified in your vehicle owner’s manual. Some of the most common types of oil used in vehicles include:

Conventional Motor Oil

This is the most common type of oil used in vehicles. It is made from refined crude oil and contains additives that help protect your engine from wear and tear.

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This type of oil is made from synthetic materials and does not contain any additives. Full synthetic motor oil is designed to last longer than conventional motor oil, and it can provide better protection for your engine.

Natural Gas Synthetic Oil

This type of oil is made from natural gas instead of petroleum. Natural gas synthetic oil is designed to provide better protection for your engine and it can also help improve your car’s fuel economy.

High Mileage Motor Oil

This type of oil is designed for vehicles with high mileage. It contains additives that help protect seals and prevent oil leaks.

How Often to Change Engine Oil

The oil change interval of your vehicle depends on a few factors, including the type of oil that you use, the make and model of your vehicle, and your driving habits. In general, most cars need their oil changed every 5,000 miles, but this number will be small in severe driving conditions. It’s always best to check your owner’s manual to be sure.

Benefits of Changing Oil Regularly

There are several benefits to changing your oil regularly, including:

Preventing Engine Damage

One of the most important benefits of changing your oil is that it helps prevent engine damage. Over time, oil breaks down and becomes less effective at lubricating and protecting your engine. This can lead to excessive wear and tear, overheating, and eventually engine failure.

Extending Engine Life

Changing your oil regularly can help extend the life of your engine by keeping it well-lubricated and preventing damage. It can also help improve your fuel economy by keeping your engine running more efficiently.

Improving Performance

Regular oil changes can also help improve the performance of your vehicle. Over time, old and dirty oil can cause your engine to run less smoothly, which can lead to a loss of power and efficiency. Changing your oil regularly will help keep your engine running at its best.

Reducing Emissions

Another benefit of changing your oil regularly is that it can help reduce emissions. Dirty oil can cause your engine to run less efficiently, which can lead to higher emissions. By keeping your oil clean, you can help reduce your car’s impact on the environment.

Why professional Oil Change service is Better than DIY

While it is possible to change your own oil, it’s generally not recommended. Unless you have experience working on cars, it’s easy to make mistakes such as overfilling the oil or a loose oil filter gasket. These mistakes can lead to serious problems, and it’s generally best to leave oil full-service oil change to the professionals.

An experienced mechanic will be able to advise you on what type of oil is best for your car, depending on the make and model, your driving habits, and other factors. They will also be able to spot any potential problems with your engine and advise you on what needs to be done to fix them.

Prolong Your Engine Life with Now Auto Care

At Now Auto Care, we use high-quality oil and filters to change your oil quickly and efficiently. Our experienced mechanics will also do a courtesy checkup of your car to look for any other potential problems.

Our BBB-accredited business offers a variety of oil change services, including conventional and synthetic blend oil change. We also offer a variety of discounts and specials, so you can save money on your oil change.

Call us today at  (832) 793-6889 to schedule an appointment or come in for same-day service. We look forward to helping you prolong the life of your car!


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